DCS CARE is a recruitment agency for Healthcare professionals of nurses, care assistants and support workers.

We specialise in sourcing local jobs for local people so we are able to get you work in your home city or town anywhere in the UK. We are a team of highly motivated and passionate healthcare professionals who have worked in the industry for over 10 years both in the NHS and private healthcare establishments.

We are unique in a way that our candidates are considered to be not just temporary staff but real partners and assets to DCS CARE and our clients.
We support you all the way so even if you have never done care job before you will enjoy working with us. Our representatives will offer you on-going support to ensure you gain confidence and experience.

We are not a rip-off agency like many out there. Our candidates takes a lion’s share in charge rates because we value them as ones that goes out to the clients to represent DCS CARE.

Join us today and taste the difference. We guarantee you regular shifts and if you want permanent placement on contract that’s nothing to worry about DCSrepresentatives will get your desired job position in matters of days. All we require of you is to become compliant and pass all pre-employment checks. We have lots of work across most cities and towns of the UK

There are many career opportunities and progression that you may enjoy once you join our team, you may choose to become a driver, admin and team leaders in your local community where we supply.


We have experienced and qualified health care professionals available. We cover most UK cities and towns, with major in the following counties:

  • South and West London
  • Essex County
  • Surrey County council

All jobs at very competitive rates and incentives.

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